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Attention all sailors! Set sail with Patch the Pirate on a weekly adventure.

You will learn life-changing Bible truths, play fun games, make great friends, and sing to the Lord!

What is Patch the Pirate Club?

Patch the Pirate Club is an exciting and instructive club for children fifth grade and under. This program is designed to instill Biblical truth into our church’s children to equip them to live successful, Christ-centered lives.

The Sailor’s log provides the tools children need for daily spiritual growth and weekly musical training. Sailors earn awards pins, medals and other incentives for faithfulness and good behavior.

Purpose of Patch the Pirate Club

1.      Build Godly character into the lives of children

2.      Present a positive witness for the Lord Jesus Christ

3.      Worship the Lord and train children in God-honoring music

4.      Provide an exciting club meeting that every child will enjoy

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