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January 26, 2020 Bulletin

Mark your Calendar

January 26 - Reuben Cason State Promotional Director

January 27 - Courtland Terrace—Leaving at 6:20

January 29 - Wednesday Night Prayer Service 7:00 PM

February 1 - Saturday Morning Prayer Group 10:00 AM

February 11 - Merry Hearts - Captains Cap leaving at 5:15

Children's Church Volunteers

January 26-Wanda Purgason

February 2-Debbie Cherry

February 9-Lisa and Anna

Special Music This week

AM—The Joys

PM—Ronnie Rikard

Wed—Judy Sanders

Reach Out with Encouragement

Dot & Larry Abernathy

413 King John Circle

Gastonia, NC 28056

Prayer List

Sausedo Family Matt Price Family Wanda Shaffer

Anna Summitt Bill Welch Ronnie & JoAnn Rikard

Anna T & Family Rochelle (M. Ikerd) Judy & Ronnie Harrison Sr.

Barbara Burch Gibson Family Lisa Smith

Betty Bishop General Board Lisa Jones Family

Betty Gregory Goshen Church Ozell Abernathy

Scottie Harrison Jennis Denney Dot & Larry Abernathy

Frances Poole Bud & Mary Eury Betty Cherry

Helen Hester Linda Welch Sonny Horne

Gwen Lingerfeldt Mary Calvert Sue Aldridge

Henson Family Jimmy Lynch Tony & Geri Rikard

Lisa (Becky’s Niece) Ken Hester Moses’ Family

Steven Crank Family Dennis Griffin Michael Moses

Kim Thunderburk Clair (Jim & Sue) Jayley Neal (Durine)

Freddy Simmons (Becky)

U.S. Armed Forces

Dillion Smeltzer

Brice Dellinger

Joseph Thompson

Theo Holland,

Blake Ferguson

All our military troops.


Allen & Jenny Hall (York, PA)

Matt & Christina Price (International, France)

Fellowship Hall Reservations

Becky Gillen—(704) 813-0102

Church Emergency Contacts

Ronnie Harrison Jr.—(704) 747-9401

Tony Rikard—(704) 879-4604

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